Monday, May 5, 2014

Character Model Sheet - VERA

Age: 26
Gender: Female
Height: 6' / 1.83m
Weight: 165 lbs. / 74.84 kg
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Black
Body Type: Tall, Slender
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: German

Originally from Germany, she always had a reputation of being mischievous, spritely, and very temperamental. Her earliest crimes included stealing small objects which drove people crazy. Her parents were a father who worked in a factory and a mother who was a housemaid. They were hardly in contact with Vera, whom she felt disconnected with her. She immigrated to America at age 7, once again gaining more notoriety at school and on the streets. She bullied her schoolmates into respecting her after being made fun of for her then-thick German accent and mannerisms. At 18, she sought out the mob and quickly became a notorious hench-woman and criminal in her own, and since became respected and feared within the underworld. She separated herself from her parents once her business became more apparent.

Vera is an upbeat and excitable girl. She gets pretty talkative when feeling casual, but when angered, she can get quite destructive. Her anger is one of the reasons for even her boss's intimidation of her. Her loyalty goes out to her bosses whom she feels are her father figures, and sees to it that the job is done quickly and efficiently. She often works alone and gets really impatient in group of people, especially when being told what to do by other people. She is quite cunning when solving problems, and enjoys carrying out murder plots. Weapons such as Tommy guns are her forte, and she keeps a switchblade in her garter for emergencies. However, her main weakness is her vision is solely through her left eye while the right permanently hides behind her bangs. She never even takes off her hat in public. Her short temper will get in the way of her biggest goals, often causing small setbacks in her work. Despite the culture shock from her youth, she is still proud to be German, and holds on to various mementos such as old records, German literature, a handmade dirndl, and her prized antique beer stein which she never drinks from.

LIKES: Jokes, weapons, pastries (particularly cream puffs), alcohol, fast car rides, dancing, swing music, her German roots and mementos.

DISLIKES: The Law, rival femme fatales, taking orders from non-employers, taking her hat off in public, disorder, being called a Nazi since she’s German and bombastic.

Vera (C) Nicolas Martinez

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