Sequential Art

  • "Shoppin' For Clothes" by The Coasters — Storyboard
  • "Motorola StarTak" Ad — Storyboard
  • "The Bike and the Dress" — Storyboard
  • "Maggie Gets Locked Out" — Comic

"Shoppin' For Clothes" by The Coasters
Marker/Ink on Bristol Paper

Morotola StarTak Ad

(phone rings)


[How's the mission going?]

"You've blown my cover!"

"Too bad you don't have the latest StarTac from Motorola!"

"It has the silent vibrant feature! It's very covert!"

"Is it?"

"Wouldn't lie to ya!"

"It's also the smallest, sleakest design in the world.
It goes great with your suit!"

Bob: "Looks like we woke up the prime minister!"

Announcer: "Motorola StarTac. Get yours before it falls
into enemy hands."

Bob: "Things have really changed since the Cold War, huh?"

"The Bike and the Dress" 

"Maggie Gets Locked Out"